It is wrong to unnecessarily hurt and kill animals.

If you agree with the above statement, you already believe in why we created these wallets. For a long time, leather has been the choice of material for wallets. Did you know that it is actually the skin of a dead animal that’s been treated with toxic chemicals so as not to rot. Of course you knew.

But were you aware of the fact that the piece of skin was once part of a living being that was capable of feeling love & pain, and developing life-long relationships with their friends and family? Just like us humans.

No matter how luxurious it has been marketed as, it is what it is. A piece of skin of a mother or a father or a kid who was tortured all their life and then brutally murdered so that you and me can carry around our cash and cards inside them.

We wanted to change this. The result is the wallets you can see below. Check them out. 🙂