How it all started

Hey there. Yeah, you. The one reading our story. Hi 🙂  My name is Amrit. All through my life, I considered myself an animal lover. Up until 5 years ago, my love for animals was limited to rescuing and rehabilitating birds and feeding street dogs and taking them to the vet. It was only 5 years ago that I realised the hypocrisy when I caught myself using a leather belt and a leather wallet.

When I went off leather, I didn’t want to use faux-leather wallets because they still looked and felt like leather. After using multiple make-shift wallets made of elastic tapes, rubber bands and even Tyvek, I wanted to create a proper wallet for myself.

During my search for the perfect material, I realised the leather used in traditional wallets was making them bulky. It was then that I decided my wallet was not just going to be cruelty-free but also as thin as possible.


After going leather-free for 2 years, I was introduced to Veganism and was surprised to see how fast the Vegan movement was growing in India. But it also created an ever-growing void that was yet to be filled with Vegan-friendly products like dairy-free milks and cheeses, leather-free shoes and wallets etc.

During my transition period to Veganism, I learnt that supporting people with Vegan products and alternatives is as important as getting the Vegan message across to them. Looking back, if I had vegan alternatives to support me, my transition would have been easier and enjoyable.

So, yeah. Here we are. Humane Wallets. The cruelty-free alternative to traditional wallets.
No no. The cruelty-free alternative to traditional wallets that are also super thin. 🙂

To take the wallets to the masses, I have partnered with my business partner slash best friend of 10 years, Vinodh David.