Humane BiFold


The perfect replacement for your bulky wallet.

Capacity Holds 10-12 cards, 8-10 notes and 2 key.
Thickness 4.32mm at its thickest end (when folded).
Materials Premium Cordura 500D Nylon fabric, Nylon thread.

  • Very thin at 4.32mm at its thickest end (when folded)
  • Pull-tabs give Quick-access to cards. (Take out your most used cards without opening the wallet)
  • Hidden pocket for your emergency cash and your top-secret scribbles. Shhhh…
  • Reinforced rip-stop nylon lining for key slot.
  • Urethane coating for increased water resistance.

100% Cruelty-free

No animal products / by-products used either in the production of fabric and threads or in the manufacturing process of the wallet. ๐Ÿฎ ๐ŸŸ ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿถ ๐ŸŠ ๐Ÿฑ โค๏ธ

The wallets are made-to-order. Please allow me 5-7 days to send your wallet.

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