Humane Essentials Wallet


Designed to hold just your essentials and nothing more, in a tight little package.

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Capacity Holds 10-15 cards, 4-5 notes and 2 keys.
Dimensions 95mm x 55mm x 3mm
Materials Knit elastic – Cotton blend & 100% Natural rubber.

  • 2-way easy access slots for your cards and folded cash on both sides
  • Even though it's open on both ends, cards and cash won't fall out because of the sturdy elastic.
  • Secure centre pocket for your other valuables
  • Key ring and clasp included

100% Cruelty-Free

No animal products / by-products used either in the production of fabric and threads or in the manufacturing process of the wallet. 🐮 🐟 🐔 🐍 🐶 🐊 🐱 ❤️

The wallets are made-to-order. Please allow me 5-7 days to send your wallet.

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Just your Essentials…

…in a tight li’l package.

2-way easy access to cards and cash

Made of sturdy elastic, your wallet holds your cards and cash securely, and are easily accessible from either sides.

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